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We have developed CNU Freight website which provides innovative and affordable logistical services to help your business ship freight securely and efficiently. With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of services, we make it easy to get our client's goods where they need to go. Developed with love by ALTEK

ALTEK proudly presents CNU Freight - the revolutionary website that simplifies freight shipping! Our state-of-the art platform delivers a streamlined experience to customers, enabling them to get their goods where they need with ease. Cutting edge technology and budget friendly options make this service an invaluable asset for any business. Let's start your journey today at!


The designer had a task to create a bright, modern, and eye-catching website design. The main colors on the website are orange and dark. The whole development began with the analysis of the competitors. The target audience is people who live in US. In the beginning, our designer has developed the website's structure and all of the UI / UX elements, and only then he began to overlay the design over the website's prototype


Developed with cutting-edge AI technology, this simple product can help you rapidly determine what it will cost to ship cargo from point A to point B. Whether you're a business owner, logistics expert or just looking to save a few bucks on your next order, this reliable calculator is right for you.o.


Not only does it quickly compute the cost of shipping; but also takes into account extra factors such as fuel price and delivery time. With its easy-to-use interface and lightning-fast calculations, this is the ultimate product for anyone in the freight industry. Get accurate forecasts and make smart decisions about shipments - with our advanced calculator!

What’s more, we go beyond just visuals to include real pictures of employees throughout the page for maximum trustworthiness and credibility. We understand that many customers like to see faces behind a project so they can be sure they are dealing with reliable people who stand behind their products and services. That's why our Landing Page includes real photos of employees - adding an extra layer of trustworthiness to your brand!


Built upon extensive research, it offers a reliable user experience with targeted and effective content. We understand how crucial small details can be when it comes to online visitors, so our design is created from truly original concepts. Attention to detail ensures you create the best impact and gain trust from your customers in a competitive market.

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