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ALTEK is the developer and manufacturer of the B-Portal — an automated system for managing the production process at industrial enterprises. The main task of the system is to provide solutions in the field of technological processes, labor organization and production control. The B-Portal is a complex of software and hardware that allows you to monitor and optimize all production processes. The system collects data on the work of equipment, personnel, materials and resources, analyzes it and provides information for decision-making. As a result, manufacturing companies can increase productivity, save money and time and improve product quality.

With the B-Portal from ALTEK, industrial enterprises can benefit from increased process efficiency and optimization. This best-in-class system is designed to automate production processes while collecting data on equipment, personnel, materials and resources in one place for streamlined decision making. Increased productivity - as well as cost savings in terms of time and money spent - along with improved product quality indicators all contribute towards helping manufacturing companies reach their goals sustainably without impacting the environment negatively..

Introducing B-Portal, the most advanced and efficient software for accounting and control of the production of works in the construction industry. Our software offers various features to help you manage your project, such as employed workers, material consumption reports, project tracking information, equipment management and more!

Specifically designed for the construction industry, our user-friendly interface can assist transactions related to every phase of a project. We offer a reliable platform that is also secure so you don't have to worry about any confidential data being disclosed. With automated reports and alerts, our users get timely insights into the progress of their projects online.

Eliminate manual documentation and paperwork hassles by using many of the key functions in B-Portal. Considerable time can be saved in order to reduce costs for both employers and employees. This time savings can be better utilised towards efficient planning and successful execution on worksites all over the world.

At B-Portal we are committed to providing an impeccable service through our innovative tech solutions that meet all your needs related to workplace accounting and production control with no hassle!

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