C / C++ / C#




C / C++ / C#



Although this language is regarded as one of the most difficult ones, it is the base of programming. C and its types are widely used in building operating systems and file systems.


C language was among the first programming languages to be created, and many modern languages, like Python and PHP, are based on it. As C is an older language, you cannot build a website or mobile application with it. But it can surely be used to develop hardware, including automobile and healthcare devices.


C++ programs the systems that run applications. It contains libraries and compilers for algorithms, data structures, arithmetic operations, and many more. With this language, you can produce mathematical simulations or computer games.


C# was developed by Microsoft. This language is used the most in back-end development, such as the development of applications for Windows and Microsoft, browser plug-ins, and mobile devices. However, it is less flexible than other C programming languages.





+ Big libraries for use


+ Programs are easy to understand


+ Fast execution


+ A lot of application domains


+ Compatible with other programming languages, being the foundation of them


+ Procedure-oriented and component-oriented languages


+ Easy to debug, test, and maintain (C)




- Complex syntax


- Often do not suit modern needs


- No memory allocation or garbage collection


- Less flexible with solving errors


- No run-time checking


- Not beginner-friendly